We just started dating and its her birthday How To Survive The Birthday Of Someone You Just Started Dating

We just started dating and its her birthday, if you’ve been dating 3 months or less, not exclusively

I'm gonna get a card but I'm not sure about the present idea.

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For dollars you can do one of these with dinner included. Gift card really wouldn't be a bad choice. You just started dating someone only to find out their birthday is right around the corner.

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Just get her something small or take her to dinner, don't break the bank. But since I know you want to, a couple of good suggestions were already said that would work.

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Please enter your name here. How about a nice accessory?

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She gave you a blowjob. What movie, song or place do you have in common?

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Choose something that will not, by any means, put you out financially. I specifically mentioned our first date so you have a timeline of how long we've been dating.

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Skip the grocery store heart shaped box and bouquet, and go for something more personal. P - I am MORE concerned about you agreeing to be ""exclusive"" with her after one date than worrying about a birthday gift Think outside the box here.

He only wanted attention.

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People like this are rather bothersome. Goes on the list. Then if you go out for her birthday, bring a card along. Check it out today. But make sure you know her size.

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Doesn't have to be fancy - something simple would work. Same with buying girls drinks at the bar.

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I absolutely LOVE giving pressies but in your case,Op,im afraid i wouldn't be getting her anything 'cept a card. What do I get her for her birthday? Stop being such a wussy.