In dating what does ltr mean Definition of LTR

In dating what does ltr mean


LTR is "Long term relationship". Two people in a relationship.

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What does LTR mean?

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That what it should say because if they usually wanna shag sooner and get thing started and than IF the shag goes well they might keep ya around. My ex had a great LTR with a lady for almost eight years until his tragic death on Seeing LTR is misleading from my experience So Long For Now. You are right Starshine! Actually, they rarely got to see each other during the week; they mostly spent most weekends together.

In addition to letting you know a little bit about themselves, online daters use abbreviations to let you know what type of person they are looking for.

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Offensive term for a white person. There intention is to one day have a LTR. Married But Looking MC: Women do the same as the men A D on a profile usually means divorced.

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Not necessarily, common law is quite popular. The abbreviation LTR or term long term relationship is one that many singles run away from screaming, but couples who participate in this type of relationship do so with a common understanding of what each is looking for.

What does LTR mean?