Hook up hayward chlorinator How to Connect a Hayward Chlorinator

Hook up hayward chlorinator, how to install a pool off-line chlorinator

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The following items should be present:. Typically, they are used in the summer when the pool is used more. It is important that you go back and forth from bolt to bolt rather than doing one side at a time. Pictures - We are working on a zoom feature for the pictures.

Step 4 Look at the photo above and this diagram carefully to determine where you will put the clamps.

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If you have limited room, you might consider installing an off-line chlorinator. They are attached to the output pipe after the filter.

How To Install an In-Line Chlorinator

Step 1 Tools you will need: However, as the tablets dwindle, from 6 or 9 large tablets, to 5 or 6 small tablets, the output will be less, and the chlorine level will drop somewhat in the pool, so you may need to turn it up a notch after the first week or so, to maintain consistency, say from 5 to 7 on a hook up hayward chlorinator of Now put glue on the pipe, and on the inside of the chlorinator fittings. The feeder base is screwed to the floor, and hoses carry water in and out of the feeder, pushing chlorine through injection fittings in the pipes.

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Put a screwdriver into the opening of the hose and twirl to stretch it out a bit. Before taking the Hayward Chlorinator to the pool or spa equipment, fit the check values and tubing. Install close to where the return pipe goes into the ground.

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Step 6 Cut the pipe at the inside markings you just made. Winterizing a Hayward Chlorinator: In-line chlorinators must be installed after the filter and after any heater.

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There certainly is nothing in the instructions that came with the unit. Store open in a cool, dry area during periods of non-use, or just remove the drain plug and leave it connected for winter.