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But if they weren't taken, they'd be looking for "someone who has fun.

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Sure, it's never happened to them, but every time they hit a dance floor, they're open to a true connection. Staring at us will probably freak us out more than make us want to come over. We never play with Skanks like Snookie, Wannabe Ganstas.

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That is going to be an EPIC holiday! Do they believe in love at first drop?

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Place fist here, brother. Girls come in whenevers.

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Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. I'll be going to my first huge EDM dance festival in two weeks. I can't wait to spark a spliff and reminisce about the crazy night I just had while posted in a jacuzzi overlooking the hook up at rave Which penthouse did you stay in last year?

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That sucks that the rave scene died down because from it was reeeeediicccuulllouuussss. That care, that unspoken vibe for each other. This is one of those few events where nobody will care how you're dancing - they'll judge based on how hook up at rave fun you're having.

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Use the 3 second glance rule. I dunno about LA but on the east coast, without the younger generation nothing you'd want to call dating portal blue 'rave' ever turns out to be particularly fun.

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I'm a firm believer, because then you have nothing to worry about, nothing to hide. Had the time of my life with her that night.

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The Wacky Races Age: But i always do that and carass their bodies that when i makeout with them At Sensation that have people with beer in their back packs selling in the crowd for the event. It works trust me. Page 2 of 4 First 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: It's girls plus tabs equals sopping wet panties, simple algebra.

Having a hard time picking a name? When you go home, fuck that.

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If your in a great mood, putting out the vibe of sexiness and happiness, anything is possible. Posts must include price.

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Originally Posted by royksopp. The music has several styles that lend themselves quite nicely to offshoots of popping. Hooking up with girls at raves Discussion in ' Anything Else ' started by grimsavageMay 20, Yes, always show respect.

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Don't do it for the drugs. You would never know. You'll definitely connect with someone. Believe and Be Found by Love Despite EDM fests being a sweaty mob scenes, our new pal Stacey believes wholeheartedly in the chance to find love amid the uhntz-uhntz -ing masses.

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Before I knew it we were making out and things were quite nice. Man I used to party like there was no tommorow. Your username is how other community members will see you.