Dating mentally retarded person Would you date a girl that was mentally challenged and hot?

Dating mentally retarded person, sweet dee's dating a retarded person

It only required a slight shift in my behavior, and made a big difference to him.

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Although mental retardation of any degree has profound implications for a person's cognitive and social development, it is a condition which in many cases is not readily apparent. What a fantastic article! An ordinary adult cannot suddenly "become" mentally retarded.

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It only makes him or her feel like more of a charity case. An estimated 89 percent of all people with retardation have I. How severe is her autism?

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Mental illness almost always includes disturbance of some sort in emotional life; intellectual functioning may be intact, except where thinking breaks with reality as in hallucinations. They are usually dependent.

One implication of this is that mental retardation is virtually impossible for an adult to fake: He or she will have limited abilities to learn including reading, writing, and arithmetic and to reason, plan, understand, judge, and discriminate.

Depends on the situation.

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Although the two conditions are often confused, they are different disorders. When questioned by police or other authority figures, they often smile inappropriately, fail to remain still when ordered to do so, or act agitated and furtive when they should be calm and polite.


I think this is such great advice. As for dating her though, it depends, on if I dont even notice, then I wouldn't care anyways. As with people of normal intelligence, many factors can dating mentally retarded person people with mental retardation to commit crimes, including unique personal experiences, poverty, environmental influences and individual characteristics.

L ow intelligence and limited adaptive skills also mean that people with mental retardation often miss social "cues" that other adults understand.

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MrGeezer Follow Forum Posts: Sawyer responded, "That's dating mentally retarded person the breath leaves your body. He required constant medication for his mental illness and hallucinations. Lakeisha McDowell June 25, Reply.

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A person who is mentally ill may improve or be cured with therapy or medication, but mental retardation is a permanent state. But their tendency to sleep peacefully during their trials helped alert post-conviction lawyers to their mental disability.

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And, if your partner is just learning about the condition for the first time, too, make sure your partner knows you are with him or her for every step along the way. After being convicted in of kidnapping, robbery, and murder in Florida, Martin spent more than thirteen years on death row mostly incoherent and rocking back and forth on the floor of his cell.

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