Dating guys the same age Here's why you should NEVER EVER date a guy your own age!

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Do ugly people deserve sex and love too? I annoyed this girl I think and I want to apologize. I think it depends on the kind of girl.


I came across this article about dating someone the same age as you are and it is said in the article that dating someone or getting married to someone in the same age bracket as you is actually the best as you both understand each other perfectly and this keeps both of you on the same line because you both think alike due to the fact that you are both of the same age or close. During different points in your life, human development changes Be the first guy to share an opinion and earn 1 more Xper point!

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It depends on the girl, I'm 26 and I date a 32 year old. How To Love An Empath.

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I'm 21 and guys around my age usually expect sex in a relationship and I'm really not ready to dating guys the same age do it with someone who I've only known for a month or so. Although there are troubles witrh every relationship but here we bring to you the reasons as a cautionary step to stop you from dating guys who are your age!

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Personally I don't thing age has anything to do with it. The two worlds are totally different. This explains the sudden surge in May-December romances over the last 10 years. There's no reason not to consider every suitor you find attractive.

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The girl should try look younger or have young genes cause we all know sey girls dey quick age pass boys. We want the same things, and can satisfy each other in all the important areas. All tanned and muscly ahhhhh don't mind me I'll just day dream: Frankly, it's not about me.

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They maintain their youthful figures and energy and as a result, crave a romantic partner who looks as good and can keep pace. Although you love him from trying to do his bit but you somehow end up cringing.

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I finally hav a dating guys the same age dat works when I open my mouth he gets it Rewind 2 yrs older guys r a waste of time am wiser now this is wat works for me swallow with caution might not work for everyone. The reason the majority of girls do this is because the majority of guys who are younger are too immature.

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The USA is a youth-obsessed culture; but, in other cultures, with age comes respect. The same was true for movies, music, TV shows, sports, and even celebrities. Sign up for our newsletter to get the best of HC delivered to your inbox. Also close this question Not now Select. They liked having the same historical milestones in common like, "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?

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