Dating cigar boxes Dating cigar boxes

Dating cigar boxes

They are rarely seen on boxes, however.

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This shows the longer denomination wrapped on three sides of a box. Retail price of cigars not given.

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Can you date this cigar box? On the front, usually pasted on.

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If yes, it dates before Early laws specified tax stamps be hand cancelled when purchased. The last of the pre Golden Age stamps appeared in and was used on boxes until it was replaced with an all new style and design in The top line contains the factory number, tax district and state, the info separated by a centered dot.

Regulations governing cigar boxes changed in,,,,, and a few other times. Large boxes were flimsier and seldom survived.

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The Caution Notice on these paper stickers often made no reference to Canada later, branded notices always did. Nickel cigars were Class A.

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As a result they usually wrap on three sides of a box: Retail clerks of the Golden Age took seriously the CN dating cigar boxes demanding destruc-tion of the tax stamp. Cuban cigars were Class E.

See choices at the top of this page. Cancellations have always been the best way to accurately date a box.

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Dating Cigar Tax Stamps. In Canada, stamps were issued in,and "Series C". The revenue stamp is the first place to look.

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The more expensive the retail price of the cigar, the higher the tax. Overprinting of issues was particularly common in because large supplies of were on hand, and the war tax came up quickly.

This dating cigar boxes stamp was used for only five years so is a big help in dating. The top line contains the Factory number, tax district and state, the three bits of info separated by centered dots. Striking changes take place in cigar tax stamps in Stamps are all same generic black on blue and first printed blank.

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