Dating antique soda bottles Glass Manufacturers’ Marks on Coke Bottles

Dating antique soda bottles

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The embossing indicates that these have to be a molded bottles and can not be either free-blown, dip molded, or from a turn-mold. It is just that the bottles should be circulated in the city mentioned.

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The picture to the lower right is a close-up of finish of the Mission bottle. On many bottles, please keep in mind there can be variations in the way embossed code numbers are arranged, depending on the glass company, the time period, style of bottle, etc.

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I hope all have found this to be both informative as well as " Fun" Plus I secretly think Coca Cola was old fashioned and just held off as long as they could. The embossing on both bottles is relatively flattened and not particularly "sharp.

As seen in the image on Page Two July 27, at 4: This section of the Dating key is a series of independent questions where the answer to any given one is not dependent on the answer to another; a user may sequentially view each of the questions.

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And I know this is a acl because it is on the base of a slender amber 7up bottle that was only made in the s. All times are GMT Click Historic Bottle Related Links page to find links to the assortment of pdf files that comprise this printable e-Book. Sometimes, authorities print these warnings and you should be aware about these. I know that British and Canadian vessels did call at this port during the war?

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September 28, at 8: There is a blank field where all the datings antique soda bottles go between the skirt and the shoulder. April 5, at Results 1 to 10 of August 26, at 9: Before continuing I feel it appropriate to acknowledge the book where I "borrowed" some of the images above and a few others to follow.

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However, there is some which is quite useful in narrowing down the age. These machines were licensed by Owen-Illinois and used by many other companies, however.

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But there are many thousands of other companies that jumped on the dating antique soda bottles right away and their amazing bottles are both collected and treasured today by collectors like myself and numerous others who also call Antique-Bottles.

The irradiated color is NOT natural……no Coke bottles of this style were made in such a color originally. Ron Fowler's book on Soda: Remember, the acl process wasn't introduced until For more information on Owens-Illinois marks, see Bill Lockhart's Bottles and Extras article reproduced at the following link pdf file: It is not always easy to find all the information you desire on a specific bottle as is noted and outlined in the examples above.

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The latter website page lists several works which have some information on Hostetter's: