Dating antique coca cola bottles How to Date Coke Bottles: 15 Ways to Tell if that Iconic Bottle Has Value

Dating antique coca cola bottles

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Bottles from larger cities are usually easiest to find, and, in general, the smaller the city, the scarcer the bottles. Occasionally there could be a glassmaker mark along the heel that is very faint. Several years ago, he came across a straight-sided bottle from the tiny town of Buena Vista, Ga. Print Email Facebook Twitter Reddit. The Hutchinson bottles derived their names from the metal stopper device used to seal them.

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After the turn of the century, the Hutchinson stoppers were gradually phased out and replaced by bottle caps or crowns. I have a very old bottle that I have never been able to find any information on. To the naked eye, these bottles will look pretty much the same.

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The list below is certainly not complete, and I hope to eventually add more information as time allows. It also has 63L51 on the side. Head scarves are the accessory that can add elegant st July 15, at 3: Because of mail volume received, and time and energy restraints, some questions may not be answered individually, especially if the dating antique coca cola bottles is already addressed elsewhere on this site.

Not exactly like an ear worm, but sort of similar. As the semester winds down and I am grading the finals, it has been exceptionally rewarding to see how much improvement my students made this go-around in my course.

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Hi, I have found a few wartime vintage coca cola bottles here in Newfoundland, not far from an American Base set up in They typically appear in shades of purple or dark odd ambers. We collect sea glass and find partial bottle bottoms and it would be helpful to figure out what some of the cities are. Please click here to go to my Home Page. Veteran collector John Thom of Woodstock, Ga.

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I have a 90 C 41… ? August 25, at 9: The bottle that has the L on it was also presumably made by Laurens. However, many NEHI soda bottles were marked with that phrase, even bottles made into the s.

Some are extremely decorative, with a wide range of colors, designs and etchings.

Stager explains that pottery types hence the term typology went through phases of popularity that give scholars confidence in dating the individual sherds that are left behind. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 0 comments. Many you me the dating spot are intent on getting every variant of those bottles.

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