Celestion g12t-75 dating It's funny how Chinese Celestion Speakers say Ipswitch England on the label, and

Celestion g12t-75 dating

Let the designer explain better here: Celestion G12T black vs G reissue blue. Originally Posted by Tungisul View Post.

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A few years ago I bought a used B cab with all the original speakers to go with my other B cab also used but from a music store's rental department so it was newish around if I remember. AroundCelestion started to move the production of many models to China. And it sounded good. They will do eventually, so… why bother. You might find some very nice oldies there by a very reasonable price. The truth is in the… cone!

Put 2 V30s and 2 G12T in that marshall cab The G sounds compared with the WGS a little dull to me. It has obviously 65wan efficiency of 97db and is offered in 8ohms and 16ohms.

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Or for any dating purpose. These are G12H speakers with whizzers.

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You will find these codes on probably all the speakers made from onwards until the present day, ranging from the Blackback G12M and G12H to free dating websites ohio G, Vintage 30s and etc. Yes its difficult to tell them apart. Back-to-back the Gs sound like a higher powered version of the G12Ms - more hi-fi and punchier with a less middy flavour, but still related.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. These speakers felt like nothing. Celestion started as a manufacturer of speakers for general use radio, TV, etc.

The 75s need lots of time to brake them as well as the v30s. Because of this, I will always call them 16ohm speakers in this dating from now oneven if the label says otherwise, in order to avoid confusion.

Kurt Mueller bass cone of a Blackback G12H 55hz. They simply used it because it was what was available to them. Search Media New Media.

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Sep 30, Messages: By the way, G12Ms were still made with pulsonic cones in mid